San Francisco

Affordable hotel with 4 star service

We really enjoyed our short stay at Orange Hotel and would have loved to stay a bit longer. Overall, this very affordable hotel surprised us with its level of service! 

Service: We appreciated their posting a specific welcome with our name at the reception tv. The staff was friendly and thoughtful. I was sick/coughing a lot and the staff was very sweet to make sure I tried the ginger tea (which did help!). 

Hotel: Happy there were elevators to carry our luggage. Rooms were a nice size with comfortable bed and were clean. Buffet breakfast is on the top floor so you could look out across the rooftops a bit. Had a nice selection of warm and cold foods, including fresh fruit and local cuisine. 

Location: Nicely situated in a part of town where you can walk around. We were able to walk to a great little bbq place for dinner as well as a new boba shop.