5 Things You Must Eat in Da Nang, Vietnam

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by Maureen

Pristine beaches, rolling waves, luxury sea view hotels, chic resorts plus copious amounts of sunshine… that’s Da Nang for you, third largest city in Vietnam. It’s nice to spend a few days there enjoying the beautiful beaches, as well as exploring some DaNang food, restaurants and nightlife. I met Summer, fellow food blogger and gastro-tourism guide, who brought me around Da Nang to discover what she considers to be the best and most unique dishes in Danang. Our tour took us to different shops around the central district, some are within walking distance while the rest is just a cab away. Don’t worry about cab drivers not knowing the way because according to Summer, everyone knows where are the best eateries in town.

Quán Bà Bé
Address: 100 Hoàng Văn Thụ

Bánh bèo is a heritage dish of central Vietnam; it is especially famous in Hue, Quang Nam and Da Nang. Bánh bèo nhân ướt is explained as a typical style of bánh bèo in Đà Nẵng which can be eaten straight from the bowl using a spoon. You can add some fish sauce or tangy chilli sauce to go with it. Order bánh bèo chén and they’d bring out a tray of 5-6 bowls.

Bà Diệu
Address: 17 Trần Tống (2-6pm)